Unleash Your Inner Champion At No90 Hideout!

"Came to No90 to show off my darts skills, turned out hilariously bad. Great vibes, and loads of laughs!"

"Came to No90 Hideout with my work crew for a bit of team bonding and ended up finding my hidden talent in foosball"

"It’s like a playground for grown-ups. Can't recommend it enough for a night out with your crew."

Pool Perfection 

Break, sink, and call your shots in our Pool Perfection zone. Whether you're the master of the cue or just there for the stylish chalk dusting, our pool tables are your playground.


Line up your shot, book your table, and let's see those trick shots you’ve been bragging about!

Think you've got what it takes to be the undisputed ping pong champ, or are you more of a ‘strategically spectate with my beer on the beer’ kinda player?


Whether it's foosball flair, pool prowess, or dart dominance you're after, we've got your back... and your next bragging rights!


  • Booking's a breeze with our online calendar (no excuses!).
  • When the games heat up, cool down with a pint at the No90 Hideout Bar.
  • Grab a bite at No90 Bar and chew over your triumphs or... well, let’s just call them ‘strategic retreats’.


Rain or shine, our heated and covered canal side terrace is the perfect spot to laugh off those near-wins and celebrate the epic comebacks. 


So gather your crew, or come make some new partners-in-play at No90.

It’s not just a games night, it’s the best night out – promise.

Let the good times roll! 






Each game promises a blend of fun, laughter, and a dash of friendly competition. What are you waiting for?


Jump onto our booking calendar and lock in your next legendary game night at No90 Hideout!

Dart Delight

Darts – a game of precision, poise, and a bit of playful trash talk. Whether you're gunning for a bullseye or just trying not to hit the wall, our dartboards are ready for your best (and worst) throws. Book your lane and let the darting duel commence!

Ping Pong Pandemonium


Ping pong: the classic, the legend, the ultimate test of reflexes and witty banter.


Ready to serve up some fun? Whether you're a seasoned pro or just in it for the giggles, our tables are where epic rallies and hilarious mishits happen. Click, book, and let the paddle battle begin!

Foosball Frenzy

Foosball – the fast, furious, and wrist-flicking fun!

It's where friendships are tested, and new rivalries are born (all in good spirits, of course).


Twirl, spin, and score your way to glory.

Rally your team, book a table, and show us your best wrist-work!


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